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Thread: Wire guards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheen View Post
    Caroline these are the wire guardians or guards that we've been talking about. They're not pretty. I don't think they have a place at the front of a necklace
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    I was going to replace my photo in this thread with your photo Dennis but sadly once it's no longer the last post it's no longer editable.
    I don’t think any of the bead stringing finishes have a place at the front or even the back, they all look quite cheap and crafty. I’m not fond of beading, for some reason it takes me longer than it does to solder some complicated piece together. I’m not satisfied with the finishing so I don’t use them much anymore unless they are some focal point and usually quite big

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    It's the differant ways that you can finish your beaded string that leaves me frozen in indecision. Jump rings, clam shells, crimps, crimp covers, one or two, gimp, guards, a bead between two crimps, your crimps in a bead, knotted and cut, knotted and passed back through the beads, endless loop;
    shoot me now!......
    Mmmm I think i'll go solder something


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