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Thread: New old looking ring

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizgeorge View Post
    I'd wear that in a heartbeat! I'd probably get arrested for nicking it from some museum, but it would be worth it. Fab

    I'm especially envious because it's a look I seem to be incapable of pulling off, despite how much I like it.
    Thank you! Again, that's the look I was aiming for, even down to the nicking it from a museum feeling
    I find I have to let ideas ferment a bit and then the muse sits on my shoulder and it works.

    Quote Originally Posted by china View Post
    Another great out of the ordinary creation
    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruedeleglise View Post
    I love it.
    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by pearlescence View Post
    Love it. There's a whole collection to follow I hope.
    I did catch myself thinking on the way home from the day job about how I could make other pieces that could tie in as a collection. Main problem is I'm quite lazy and I'm yet to master marketing and finding the right audience to buy.

    Quote Originally Posted by alastairduncan View Post
    Very nice ring, I love your method of texture. I've been looking at making something similar but have not taken the plunge yet.
    Thank you, I find it best to just stop thinking at some point and just bash away and have a go. In all honesty the materials weren't expensive, not even the sapphires, so if it had all gone wrong the worst that would have happened would have been the four hours spent learning how not to make the same mistakes. So, no loss really.

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    Beautiful! Absolutely love the concrete bashing texture!


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