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Thread: Knotting small gemstones

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    Default Knotting small gemstones

    I want to make some knotted gem necklaces using smallish faceted stones (around 5 - 6mm). I would normally use wire and wrap each stone but I want the look of a strung necklace and I'm not hugely keen on beading wire. I was looking to use something like Griffin Nylon Power as a silk alternative but I'm concerned that the stones would be too abrasive for this method. Has anyone had any experiences with this - good or bad?

    TIA, Rachel

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    Hi Rachel,
    If your stones have channels with sharp edges, they can be smoothed with a cone shaped diamond reamer used by hand.
    No doubt you have already seen these instructions on how to proceed:

    I don' do beading myself, but no doubt a member will reply with their favourite beading thread. My instinct would be to go for nylon rather than silk. Dennis.

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