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Thread: Solder joins reflowing

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ57 View Post
    Could you not have made the bezel in one by scoring and if necessary needle filing the corners and folding to have only one joint wherever you needed it? What does yellow ochre do, I usually just take a course brush to my rouge block and that usually works too
    I probably learnt about yellow ochre from my American jewellery books. It's basically dirt so stops your solder flowing. I did my rectangle bezel according to John Cogswell who says that to score one piece of metal for a rectangle bezel is a big mistake. But I did realise after doing this one that that only really applies to thick walled bezels. The thinner ones I reckon can just be bent round.
    It's a glorious day today, was so nice to get out for a short walk. I have some waxes to finish up then hopefully I'll be spending more time outdoors
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    There is really no way out of it if you have an emerald cut stone and even more difficult if you want to make make a tapered collet.

    You will just have to buckle down and make it in one piece

    It is best to have one pair of dividers for each distance and add an arbitrary 2.0mm to each to compensate for the reduction when folded.
    The solder join should be in the middle of one of the long sides.

    If this is done in copper, the finished piece can be adjusted in height, cut open, and used as a template for a precious metal one.

    If there are small discrepancies, or lack of precision at the corners, that can be resolved using a compatible collet plate. Dennis.

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    I’ve never made a rectangle any other way but then I don’t follow videos. I would make thicker ones the same way I’d make a box and as you say a thinner fine silver bezel folds round quite easily


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