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Thread: Working 18ct Rose Gold... any tips?

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    Post Working 18ct Rose Gold... any tips?

    Hello All

    I'm about to tackle a length of 3mm SQ 18R wire... from using 18R before I still have a couple of unanswered questions... hoping someone in here might be able to help.

    1. Annealing temperature? Or more importantly annealing colour?
    2. Best flame?
    3. To quench or not to quench... in water or pickle?
    4. How to restore the 'pink' post pickle?

    She's a bit of a beast 18R...
    Any advise much appreciated...

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    1. Dull red.
    2. Neutral.
    3. I use pickle, after a few seconds cooling, I tend not quench anything instantly.
    4. Clean and polish as with any other precious metal.

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