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Thread: Applying a brushed steel finish on a piece that has both a polished and brushed parts

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    Default Applying a brushed steel finish on a piece that has both a polished and brushed parts

    What is the best way to apply a brushed steel finish? I'm working on a piece that has both brushed steel and polished parts to it. I've tried applying the finish with both sand paper, 3M flexible sandpaper and a Bufflex wheel but to be honest I did not like the finish left by any of these. What is the best way to apply a brushed steel finish?

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    Hello brushed steel, and welcome to the forum. A picture would help, but to save you waiting, I will improvise and hope I hit the right note.

    First of all, it's best to plan mixed finishes in advance. I'm guessing that the background is to have a brushed finish , and if so there are many ways to keep it dull:
    A Scotchbrite pad or wheel, or a decorator's rubbing down block,
    Micro Mesh abrasive cloths, or a
    Sunshine Satin finishing and polishing cloth, which is double sided, and many others.
    On the whole the best effect is to rub in one direction only.

    Having dealt with the background, you can then sweat solder the already shiny bit on, with the under edges bevelled and very little solder to avoid any spillage.

    Once soldered and pickled you can revive the background with a wet and soapy brass brush, mask off the shinier bit, and polish that with mops and compound using you flex shaft Or a soft tooth brush and Silvo..

    Try to find a non residue masking tape, or you will need to use meths for that.

    If your work is already soldered, I suggest the wet and soapy brass bush, followed by the masking off as above. Dennis.

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    Can I ask what metal you are finishing as I’m guessing it may be harder to finish steel than the precious metals we are used to working with?

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    Here's an Instagram video from Stephen Goldsmith on one way how to achieve the effect you want.
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    Depends on the type of brushed finish, are you seeking to have the grain in one direction or just a matt finish, for a matt finish a aggressive Scotch bright type wheel will do the job, to have the grain follow one direction is more difficult with a powered type wheel a simpler method is to run emery or other type of abrasive paper over the surface in one direction only until you achieve your desired result, bearing in mind that steel will take a bit more more elbow grease that softer precious metals Steel will also begin to rust instantly so have soil at hand to apply.


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