Hi folks! First post here.

Back when I was in college about twenty years ago I sculpted and cast a set of large Narnian chess pieces in bronze. But my instructor, when packing sand around our molds, dumped a shovelful right over mine. Consequently a number of pieces were ruined. I never had the heart to throw out the unfinished project, and now that metal clay is a thing, I was wondering: What would happen if I took one of those cast metal pieces and sculpted some metal clay over it to repair the missing head and such? I'm not sure I want to...I think my sculpting has improved since then, but on the other hand I couldn't afford to make such large pieces in metal clay and actual pouring is inconvenient just now.

So...what do you think? I know there's a two-part process to bronze kiln firing, so just not sure how it would all work out. Anyone ever tried it?

Thank you!