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    Lightbulb Stamp maker

    Good morning,
    I recently bought stampmaker by imagpac to be able to make stamp to but hand and footprints Into metal clay, I have followed the instructions watched numerous YouTube videos but the stamp does not even have a dent in from the negative. Does anyone have a solution or a technical they use.

    I feel so deflated

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    Hi Briney, and welcome to the forum.
    It might be that no one here has used The kit, but I watched this video
    Imagepac Stampmaker Craft Stampmaker Kit
    and can see that several things can go wrong:
    1. Lack of intensity of the black. It suggests trying different printing modes on plain paper first and holding it up to the light to pick the best
    2. Not enough exposure time in the light box to harden the stamp.

    In the kit they do have a number you can call, for customer support, but you might also get more specific advice from who sell it for this purpose. Dennis.

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    If you are on Fb and it’s specifically for clay then there are many groups who will have the knowledge specific to that and maybe even that product

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