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Thread: Pearl Setting in a Ring

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    Default Pearl Setting in a Ring

    Hello everyone.

    I have just made a video on pearl setting in a gold ring

    Would love if you could watch and give your feedback on it.
    Maybe this technique is very very old. Not sure whether any one follows them now a days?

    Here is the link

    Thank you. Waiting for your feedback

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    A couple of thoughts.
    Classic setting, but if the claws work even slightly loose you will very quickly have one very scratched pearl
    You have used an 8mm button pearl, which looks to me to be freshwater. Why would you set a pearl which costs 35-40 retail into 18ct gold? (i don't think it is a natural pearl as the shape seems too regular)
    Please do not hit a pearl with a hammer - even if the impact is to a claw to get it to fit well/harden the claws.
    It is a very old fashioned setting. Nothing wrong with that, but there are more modern settings which show off the pearl to greater advantage.
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    It's actually a beautiful retro setting, maybe for a young bride's wedding chest, so I guess it's the gold that matters, rather than the cost of the pearl.

    However watching the pearl being beaten like that put me right off my breakfast. Of course the claws will end up incredibly hard and unlikely to loosen.

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    top video I enjoyed watching

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