Hi Everyone,

Some super talented and incredibly helpful people on here. It's so nice to see.

I have just attempted to make some jewellery for my girlfriend for Christmas using bog oak and some bronze.
I loved doing it, it was intricate and precise work and I want to do more.

I bought the chain from the local jewellery shop near me and I think it's antique brass, it's very black in appearance which looked good with the bog oak and bronze.

My girlfriend was telling me about that sometimes some brass leaves green marks on people's skin after prolonged wear.
So I started looking into sterling silver and how to turn it black with Liver of Sulphur.

So can I ask which is better to go with:

Buying a spool of sterling silver chain and oxidising it to turn it black?
Buying a spool of antique brass chain?

I live in Ireland so I'm still working out where to get a spool of sterling silver chain.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for having me on the forum.