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Thread: Multi Magnification Led Bench Lamp 5 Type from Cooksons

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    Default Multi Magnification Led Bench Lamp 5 Type from Cooksons

    Hi, I wondered if anyone has experience using this lamp: Multi Magnification Led Bench Lamp 5 Type from Cooksons. How good is it and is it good when doing piercing work or will I be hitting the light and magnifying lens with the saw frame? I need to get a new bench light anyway plus I also do use Optivisor as well as wearing glasses due to being long-sighted, so I wonder if this is a good solution or will it overcomplicate things. Thanks! Nat

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    Hello Nat and welcome.
    Here are my thoughts on lighting:

    LEDs are good, because they are economical and give a relatively shadowless light. It can also be dimmed for instance when soldering, or piercing very reflective metal.
    The colour temperature is not stated, just that it is a daylight lamp. I must say, that my preference is for warm white, but that is just personal.

    As for the magnification, if you already have an Optivisor, you might never use it, but all lamps have to be kept out of the way of you head (and saw frame), so I can't see that as an obstacle. However if you are concerned, get a strip shape instead, which will be less bulky and can be brought nearer.



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