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Thread: 833 rose gold alloy

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    Default 833 rose gold alloy

    Hello all.

    Happy New Year.
    I am trying to make 20ct 833 rose gold alloy, mixing 83.3% Pure Gold and 16.67% of Silver+copper.
    I just wanna do little tint of pinky yellow gold.
    Can you recommend me a good composition of Silver and Copper?
    Is there anything I have to aware of?

    Also other question about 18ct gold,
    Some people do '75%gold + 12.5 silver +12.5 Copper' or '75%Gold+ 15%copper +10%silver'.
    Would you be able to tell me which composition will be easier to work on it?
    75%gold + 12.5 silver +12.5 Copper alloy will make less crack?

    Many Thanks

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    Copper that makes the red is not as nice to work with it is more tricky to cast and work with than yellow or white in my experience. so I guess the redder your make it by adding more copper the more this presents itself. I dont mix my own metals so cannot help with a formulation Im sorry.

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    Copper makes the alloy red and harder and more difficult to work, adding Silver negates this hardness to a certain degree, I recently made some Rose Gold the formula I used is 75%Au-21%Cu-4%Ag, I can't post a picture as it is on my old computer and is at the computer Guru in the hope that he can retrieve the the Hard Drive. The formula I have given will produce 18ct gold to produce 20ct you will need adjust the ratios accordingly.


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