Many of us have no doubt bought new tools and gizmos in 20. Some a great success and others just disappearing into that box under the workbench! How about sharing your successes and disappointments? Could save others the time and expense or steer on in the right direction!
My top 3: 1. Ring Shank pliers from Walsh TP 191 33 delivered.
These made so much difference to forming rings...Thanks Dennis for the tip.
2. Cooksons solder cutting pliers 999 72f 12. Quick way of cutting consistent small pieces of solder......thanks my Daughter.
3. Bit controversial this one! A copy Foredom, a gift from a dental practice as unserviceable. An H20 copy foredom hand piece. Amazon 35. Both these needed striping and refinishing/polishing. However so far so good and have they made a difference to ease and accuracy of work!
How about all of you?

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