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    Default Kiln questions

    Hello! I'm new here and honestly can't navigate the site very well so hopefully this app is easier.
    So we blow glass and already have two kilns but they only reach 1200 degrees. I cannot afford a new kiln right now. Am I able to fire my ez960 at 1200? how long would i leave it? Im so bummed I didn't think my kilns max was this low.

    (I make small pendants/charms including cubic zirconia and nano gems) thank you!

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    Hi Squidsa and welcome to the forum. If that is Fahrenheit, then yes it's too low for firing ez960. Here is more on the subject.

    If a new kiln is out of question, then you might change to Art Clay Silver, which fires at a much lower temperature, or consider torch firing. Dennis.


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