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Thread: Question for Gypsy/flush setting square stone

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    Default Question for Gypsy/flush setting square stone

    Hi there,

    Wondering if anybody has any advice regarding gypsy/flush settings square stones? Just so you know, I have no experience setting square (or anything that isn't round) stones!!

    I want to set a 3mm square emerald into a gold ring. I am making the ring first with wax, and normally I would drill out the seat before casting (to save cost on gold). I've tried carving out the square seat (of the wax model) with gravers and I can't get it right. Another option is doing this after casting - but theres a high possibility that i'll also make a mess of it.

    So my question is - how does one make a square seat? And can this be done more easily with wax or should I try this on metal?

    All suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance!


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    Well, it's not easy, but can be done with patience. It needs to have a near perfect fit and have a tiny upstanding edge to turn in on the stone.

    I would trace around the upside down stone on the wax, with a needle in a holder, or use a square plastic template, or make one. Then carve away the wax with a small carver until the stone can be seated.
    You will need a hole at the back, but it can be round. Any mistakes can be made good by melting a little wax on the tip of the carver, and running it on.

    Once cast it will need minor adjustments with needle files and burrs. Dennis.


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