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Thread: Help with magnetic barrel polisher

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    Default Help with magnetic barrel polisher

    Hi there

    I was wondering if anyone could help me.

    I splashed out on the 350 magnetic barrel polisher from cooksons. I've followed all the set up instructions, ran it several times before using it
    But my jewellery is coming out satin not polished.

    The info on this magnetic one says it gives a high polished finish. But as I said everything has been Matt.

    I've been using barrelbrite with it, as recommended.

    Despite running it and cleaning it about 6-7 times, the solution is turning a dark grey at the end of each cycle.

    I have used a machine similar to this is the past and it gave a fab polish.

    Anyone use one of these and have any tips?

    Thank you
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    I don't have this particular model, but I've been using magnetic polishers for years, and had the same problem to start with. Then I realised that the supplied pins were far to big and aggressive, so I switched to some much, much smaller ones and have never looked back. I don't use barrelbrite (horrid stuff IMO and especially useless in hard water areas) but after a recommendation on here many years ago I use a few drops of this liquid: - and I mean literally drops from a pipette - a bottle lasts for years. Works brilliantly.

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    You need to run the pins to round them off. It will make it matt cause the edges are sharp. fill it up empty or with some big ball shot in it if you have some then run for a few hours. I don't bother with barrel bright I use water softener for dishwashers from the supermarket just a cap full works great its helps the water be less sticky.

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