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Thread: For Sale: Fairly complete bench set-up

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    Default For Sale: Fairly complete bench set-up

    Due to circumstances and life (so no judgements please!) I am regretfully selling my jewellers bench set-up! Most tools and items were bought new and only some have had very little use. The durston bench was 2nd hand when bought and the oxy-con was from tuffnells (2nd hand)
    List of items below
    Full value was in excess of 2500!
    Any questions please feel free to ask
    COLLECTION ONLY (east sussex)

    Cannot seem to upload pics!!

    Asking 1450

    Used durston jewellers bench(3 drawer) and workshop bench, 5kg propane tank ( full)
    Smith Little Torch Kit Oxy Gas Fuel Systems, 5Ltr recon Oxycon (tuffnells) tubing, propane flashback arrestor, 0.5 - 2bar propane regulator with gauge
    Lightcraft Professional Long Reach LED Lamp
    Various silver sheet/tube and brass sheet
    Knew Concept 5" Saw Frame With Swivel And Lever
    Combination Rolling Mill With 5 Rollers, Value Range
    Steel Square 3" Swivel Pin Vice With Wooden Handle Top Cutters 120mm Sprung Semi Flush Economy Top Cutters - cookson basic tumbler
    Firescoff 30ml Borax Powder 1kg Scorifier 3" Square Engravers Pitch 450gm Red Rawhide Mallet Size 3
    Wooden File Handle Wooden File Handle Selvyt Polishing Cloth Set, Silver Cloth, Rouge Cloth And Soft Cloth Soldering Tweezers Kit, Set Of 8 Polishing Kit No.2 Round 17 Degree, Plate And Punch, 12 Hole Durston Bench Peg Hardwood, Large
    Steel Digital Slide Gauge/vernier, 150mm/6" Solder Probe Wooden Handle Headband Magnifier With Detachable Led Light Durston Cast Iron Round Bracelet Mandrel With Tang 50mm - 75mm Straight Burnisher With Handle Plastic Tweezers French Straight Shear Sprung
    Assorted Emery Sticks, Pack of 8, 3m Radial Disc Kit, 6 Each, 3 Grades And 3 Mandrels Emery Paper Grade 240 Wet And Dry Paper 400 Wet And Dry Paper 600 Wet And Dry Paper 800 Emery Paper Grade 1200
    Finger Protection Tape, 90ft Per Roll Plastic Ring Gauge A - Z+6 Pusher Style 1, Bezel Roller Dremel Engraver Soldering Sheet 300 X 300 X 9mm Asbestos Substitute Soldering Block 150 X 100 X 25mm Asbestos Substitute
    Flux Brush Third Hand On Base, Complete Compressed Large Charcoal Block Hard 200x140x30mm Compressed Hard Charcoal Block With Crucible Channel Heat Insulating Gel, Tempguard 100gm Borax Dish Borax Bar
    Rubber Bench Block Vintaj Steel Bench Block 4" X 4" Round Marked Triblet Sizes A - Z+6, Steel, 300mm/11.8", 10-25mm Diameter Ring Clamp Hinge And Wedge Ring Clamp With Screw Base Delft Modeling Clay Kit, 2kg Of Clay Plus Two Casting Rings, And An Instructional Dvd Wax Carving Kit
    Brass Tweezers, Standard Super Pike Swiss Saw Blade Starter Set Assortment Pack of 72 Hand Torch, Machinists Bench Vice With Leather 63mm Jaws Disc Cutter Set, 14 Sizes From 3.0mm To 16.0mm Pitch Bowl 7.5"/19cm With Support Pad
    Classic Parallel Pliers Set Artisan Doming Dapping Set Of 21
    Eclipse Automatic Centre Punch - Honeycombe Soldering Board 200mm x 140mm x 12mm, Superlux Soldering Mat 300mm x 300mm x 12mm -Firing Support For Enamelling enameling - Bur Life - Truweigh 600g Pocket Scales
    Magnetic Burr Holder -
    Tripoli Lustre - Moore & Wright Spring Dividers 4" / 100mm Dialux White - Safety Pickle Powder Scorifier 150mm - Scorifie Crucible Holder -Needle file handle

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    Good luck with this. You’re limited by pick up only and you may find that people want to buy items but don’t need the lot. A friend recently sold his brothers workshop content up here pre covid but the only ones interested were jewellery schools or community workshops which might be a bit of a problem for you at the moment.


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