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With granules I've used paste solder before, it helps those little suckers stick where I want them. Depends how large your ganules are I suppose. I've seen people make a "seat" with a small ball burr and then place a tiny bit of solder in the divot and then the granule on top of that but they were quite large granules, and have seen another jeweller use spit to keep her filed solder dust and granules where she wants them.

These are some rings I made using solder paste to place the bronze granules where I wanted them. There's more than one way to skin a cat and all that.
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Misspond just had to mention your rings. They look like treasure rings, really super! Your gold looks really gold which i much prefer to the pale stuff. Paste is great for anything that need to be kept in place. The only annoying thing with it is it's easy to burn then it doesn't want to run!