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Thread: Safe storage of propane gas bottle

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    Default Safe storage of propane gas bottle


    I have been looking to invest in an oxygen concentrator and Smith's little torch set up with the regulators/flashbacks all included.

    I will be getting a small propane gas bottle to attach and I'm wondering what people think is the best way to store/secure this is. My home studio is only small and the gas bottle will fit under my bench. I wonder if there is a kind of cage/metal box for storing the bottles.
    I work at a professional workshop at the moment but they just keep the gas bottle out in the open but I would rather it be stored in something for safety.

    Thanks for any advice!


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    The only safety required is placement so you do not knock it about and damage connections etc, keep it away from flame, never enclose the cylinder in a cupboard or the like, unless it has ventilation at the bottom, propane is heavier than air and will build up in such a enclosure, (in the event of a leak) if it makes you feel better you could enclose it it a mesh type cage this would prevent unauthorised tampering. These days gas cylinders go have to comply with strict standards and are very safe, I believe from previous threads on the subject that, in the UK some insurance companies may have certain restrictions.
    I have my oxygen and LPG cylinders just sitting by my bench.

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