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Thread: Cutting really small pieces of solder.

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    I bash my solder strips with a hammer until it's as thin as I can get it and then use stout scissors to cut strips down the length, hammer them back into some kind of order and then cut across to get lots of "bits". Most of them are pleasingly small, some a bit bigger so there's usually something available for whatever I've decided to make. And I don't make regularly, I've never found that the pieces cut three months or so ago need to be cleaned in order to melt. I snip them into tins, one for easy solder, one for hard.

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    Well as ever, thanks for all your contributions. It just goes to show that “there are are more ways of killing a cat, that choking it with butter” the old saying goes. And by the way I like all cats except those that kill my song birds!

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