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    Good morning everyone, I'm hoping for some advice and help please on the new microplating machine I've bought from Cookson. It's the Balco make, 999 AUV. I also bought the rhodium ready mix 998 141R.

    I have followed all instructions included with the machine, cleaned the rings well in a clean ultrasonic and then the cleaning salt bath within the machine. The reaction seems to be taking place in both the cleaning salt bath and the rhodium bath but when I take the rings out after the suggested time, they still appear to have a yellow tinge...

    Can anyone help please?

    Many thanks!

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    How hot is the water in the machine ? It needs to be room temp apparently from memory those machines are set at 40 deg C. but that could of changed this could possibly have an effect

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    Go back to Cookson, and they will ask their parent company. I suspect that the answer will be to extend, or even double the plating time. Dennis.

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