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Thread: Making Silver Jump Rings to Solder Closed

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    Default Making Silver Jump Rings to Solder Closed

    I think this is a pretty basic question, so hopefully easy to answer!
    I want to make my own silver wire jump rings and then solder closed after making them.
    I need to make both ends of the jump ring flush ready to solder and as I will be making quite a few, really want to steer clear of filing every single one to get the 2 surfaces flat against each other.
    So, will double flush cutters do the job? Or should I saw? If it is best to saw, will a mini saw do the job and what blades should I use for 1.2mm - 2mm silver wire?

    Really grateful for your advice!

    Emma x

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    Your wire is really too thick to use flush cutters on Emma, because they will soon deteriorate.
    Filing is a non starter, so you will have to grit your teeth and saw them. A no 0/4 blade should be fine enough.

    An ultra thin reinforced cutting disk is quicker, but will groove your mandrel. Dennis.

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    I have a couple of jump ring makers (though not the pepe one above which is far too complicated IMO), and I still end up cutting by hand nine times out of ten - and I cut hundreds, sometimes thousands a week. I prefer to cut them in my hand rather than with any tool or balanced on a pin or another sort of aid, and actually find it quite therapeutic! My blades go blunt before they break. For 1.2mm, I use around a 4/0 blade, but up at 2mm, I drop to about a 2/0 as the tolerance improves so much at that size.


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