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Thread: Kapton Tape on Sterling Silver Surfaces

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    Default Kapton Tape on Sterling Silver Surfaces


    I recently purchased some Kapton Tape as it stated it can be applied on jewellery to mask areas that I dont need to polish will leave no residue after removal.
    I've now received the rolls of Kapton Tape to test.

    Does anyone know if it will cause my Sterling Silver jewellery to tarnish after I remove or during application?

    This was the description by the place where i purchased, a known watch parts and jeweller wholesaler beginning with C too.

    Kapton is a registered trademark of DuPont. Polymide protection tape is a special heat resistant durable adhesive tape. Used for masking selected parts of objects like watch bracelet or watch case surface areas during polishing and buffing to obtain varying finishes. Leaves no residue after removal.

    Good for watchmaking and jewellery applications. Conveniently available in various widths and can also be cut to size. Having a strong adhesive backing it will not lift during the polishing process, thus giving a very clean precise edge. It also acts as a heat barrier, minimising the risk of heat discolouration.

    Used by the top Swiss watch houses
    Kapton branded tape, made by Dupont
    Silicon based adhesive
    Easy to remove
    Rolls of 33 metres
    Widths 2mm to 15mm

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    I wouldn't leave it on for too long (months) as you're more likely to have to clean adhesive residue off but I've not seen any reaction issues.
    Useful stuff - I know it from PCB rework, but use it for a few other bits (including sticking PnP Blue to carrier sheets prior to printing).

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    Many thanks for your reply.

    I'm also looking to protect my jewellery when i send it to the hallmarking office who will have it for around 10 days. So it would be on there for about that amount of time.
    Sadly my highly polished jewellery is getting scratched by them occasionally and it's not possible to send the jewellery pre-polish.

    I'm also hoping that once i remove it dont have to attend to that same surface that would have been covered, such as cleaning it again to remove anything on the surface that might react to cause tarnish

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    Will they accept it taped up,Dan? Maybe have a word with them about the scratches. I’m hard pressed to know they’ve even touched mine when it comes back from Edinburgh


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