I am looking to get some of my jewellery designs made - I have found two jewellery manufacturers who both seem good. The Thailand manufacturer is by far superior in terms of communication, understanding my requests, all the photos on their website is pieces they have actually made, they are environmentally cautious, their prices are based off the live sterling silver prices so it feels very fair rather than just randomly priced, and they just seem all round an amazing manufacturer to work with.

The Chinese manufacturer that I found (after searching for months and months) also seems to have lots of experience, they have sent me photos of jewellery they have made which looks good, however on their site (as most Chinese manufacturers do) they use stolen photos from other jewellery brands for examples of what they can make rather than taking photos of their own work which always bothers me. It is sometimes harder to communicate with them as well. They do seem good though and they can make high quality pieces which is what I am looking for.

Both seem good to work with. The Thailand manufacturers prices for the same items are a bit more expensive. For example I enquired about very similar pairs of earrings from both and the Chinese manufacturer the price was around $3.50 and the Thailand manufacturer the price was $5.40 for sterling silver 18k gold plated earrings.

I wanted to know if anyone has any advice or suggestions? This is my first time having any jewellery manufactured. I feel the Thailand manufacturer is the one to go with but obviously its going to cost more but I feel that seems worth it for an easier experience and trust that my products are being made to the standards I want?