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    Hi All
    I'm new to this forum. Just like to say hi to everyone. I have been making my own silver jewellery for about a year. I've been enjoying making stuff for friends and family. I have been trying my hand at enameling also. I have started with Cooksongold enamels and I have used the yellow opaque enamel to create a sunflower, but my first attempt has come out of the kiln a queasy green colour. I'm thinking it may be the clearnamel wetting agent. I'm not to sure. It's a very small piece about 1cm diameter. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
    Thanks Freila

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    Hello Freila and welcome to the forum.
    People who choose to work with enamel in the college I have attended part time, are subject to dark moods, and now you know why.
    Look here regularly, and one of our enamellers will reply in time. Dennis.

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    Hi Freila and welcome.

    What metal are you using? Some enamels react with various metals. If you are using sterling silver it could be reacting to the copper in it. You may have to "depletion guild" to get a layer of fine silver on the surface before applying enamel. Some enamellers use nitric acid, I've not gone down that route. You can use fine silver but it is softer so need to factor that into your design.

    Overheating can also have a detrimental effect on the enamel.

    Is this a new process you are trying, are these new enamels or clearnamel?

    Let us know what your process is and we may be able to help more.


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