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Thread: Does anyone know this green wax (or something equivalent?)

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    Default Does anyone know this green wax (or something equivalent?)

    I ordered some green sculpting wax a few years ago, and I have not been able to find it again - partially because I don't remember the brand, and can't find the info anywhere. The reason I'm so desperately seeking this wax, is because it has the prefect hardness for the type of sculpting and casting I do.

    * It is a medium softness, slightly sticky wax.
    * Much harder and much less sticky than Ferris Mould-a-wax red (Cookson Item No: 998 356) ...
    * BUT still soft enough that if you pinch it a chunk around in your fingers for a bit you can shape and add to the piece like clay.
    * At room temperature, it is hard and smooth (not sticky) but one can easily make a deep fingernail impression in it.
    * If you begin handling it, it starts to get sticky (at body temp)
    * It does not flake or crack when carving with a knife.
    * Softer and stickier than Ferris Blue or Purple carving wax; or Ferris Black Mould-a-wax.

    Maybe it's Kerr Green Carving/pattern wax? Maybe someone can confirm this based on the description?
    If you don't know it, perhaps you can recommend a make/model of something similar?

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    Daft question - is it a jewellers wax, or a sculptor's wax? If the latter, then maybe Tiranti have something appropriate?

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    That’s what I’d bookmarked ages ago

    I did have another specifically for was but it doesn’t seem to exist now


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