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Thread: Jewellery Soldering - TYraditional Indian Technique

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    Default Jewellery Soldering - TYraditional Indian Technique

    I have made a small video on gold soldering . This is a traditional technique followed in India.
    DO have a look and let me know if this is how soldering is done in your part of the country..

    This video is in Hindi with slightly English voice over , also with little subtitles. But good enough for you to understand by just my actions..

    Here is the link

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    Dear Patni. Thank you for sharing your video. The differences are that:
    Most of us buy solder strips ready made, although they still need some extra rolling down.
    I note that your pallions are cut very neatly, just with shears. I find they twist up doing that, so I make the long cuts with a saw and only the cross cuts with shears.
    Then there is a a choice of how to place them. Some use tweezers, but I am happier with a fine brush. Dennis


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