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Thread: PMC Silver and gemstone

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    Default PMC Silver and gemstone

    Good evening,
    This is my first time asking for some advice and hope someone can help me save this piece.
    I have been adding gemstones to PMC Silver as into a clay setting and always try to make sure the table of the stone is down far enough so when fired it does not come out after firing. I fired a piece and after polishing it I put it in my tumbler to finish it and the stone came out. is there anyway of fixing the stone in it to stay put? I have never had this happen in 11 years.
    Thank you
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    I'm not an expert by any means have been using Art Silver Clay for over a year now. I usually set my stones after firing and polishing using strong glue. G-S Hypo Cement to be exact. I find this works very well for me as the stones dont loose their lustre. Its transparent and has a needle thin applicator. The glue is solid after 24 hours. Longer in hot or humid temperatures. Hope this helps.

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    Of the top of my head:

    You could possibly replace the stone a little deeper and then with a needle or saw blade, position a touch of slurry to complete the setting.
    Let it dry, trim it , and re-fire.

    Alternatively, you could use the right size of closed thin jump ring, lay it in top and solder with easy solder. Avoid playing the fame directly on the stone Dennis.


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