I know its not jewellery but here goes anyway. I've had this sitting on my bench for a while now, not quite finished. Its a one piece sterling silver caddy spoon which I've hammered, punched, carved, engraved and enamelled. Some of the carving and engraving is pneumatic assist and some hand push. Why is it not finished you may ask ;-) I've not decided about hallmarking. What I would like is to have the marks in the bowl as if the spoon has scooped them up, in a bit of a jumble. I think laser engraving is probably best but I would like heavyish marks but there is the caveat on the London Assay Office site that states that heavy polishing could damage the marks. I'm not registered for laser as my registration predates its introduction. I've seen some really nice heavy marks done by the Sheffield Office so I'm considering registering with them and getting the assay done there but its added cost. There's always the option of not getting it assayed as it won't be sold. I'll probably procrastinate for a little longer ;-) Thanks for looking.

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