Hi all! Been lurking these forums a lot when not obsessively reading Oppi Untrecht or watching Youtube tutorials in lockdown, I've finally got my own bench setup at home and I've been twiddling my thumbs waiting for various tools and bullion to arrive, which they finally have!

I always like to make things difficult for myself, so despite being a complete beginner I've jumped in the deep end making a teeny weeny pendant for a friends wedding present. It's going to have two 4mm stones set in it (Emerald for her birthstone and Tanzanite for his), I've made my own bail too as I hated all the ones I found and I wanted the leaves to represent lemon leaf as they got married in Sorrento. It's all gone so well so far, I get a huge adrenaline rush every time I take the torch to it 😅but I've made it this far! Managed to make a jump ring and solder it closed, I was in the process of polishing as I thought I was done besides setting the stones (v scared to do this but that's another post!), in the middle of polishing I somehow realised I missed the TINY jump ring on the upper tube setting and it's not been soldered shut 😭I could cry, I really don't want to try soldering it shut again and risk melting the various soldered elements or the whole thing, I also use pallions and the thought of trying to balance one on this miniscule gap is daunting.

To get to the point, is there any easier way I can close this tiny ring? Or will it be ok as it is? This is only the 4th thing I've made so I'm very new to this and I will be beyond devastated if I ruin this piece as I'm due to give it to my friend on Saturday, any help GREATLY received! 🙏

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