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Thread: Hello Friends Retired US Navy Submariner

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    Default Hello Friends Retired US Navy Submariner

    So pleased to have found this forum. I am attempting to make the emblem we wear on our uniforms to indicate we're qualified in Submarines. I am failing miserably.

    I served on 3 Nuclear Attack Submarines. I live in Charleston SC. Always wanted to do sandcasting, but maybe bit off more than I can chew.

    My silver goes everywhere but the mold.

    I'll be asking for lots of advice and appreciate any help. I'm make these for Submarine Veterans of WWII

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    If the emblem is flat and with only minor undercuts, which can be blocked out with wax, then it will be an ideal piece to be replicated by the Delft Clay process.
    There is lots of information about this on line, including videos.
    The silver is melted in a crucible, or scorifier and poured into a funnel shape. A metal tray is needed for safety, but the pouring should be quite controllable.
    Please note that you will need a big torch to keep silver hot enough to pour successfully. Welcome to the forum, Dennis.

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    I am really late to this reply and (most likely too late) another very effective method is to use the etching process, I have made a few if you have a few pics my help
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