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    Made up a new bowl of safety pickle. For the second time in a row it goes all cloudy when I pickle anything. Makes very difficult to find little bits and pieces! Have used same make of safety pickle for a couple of years. Clear as a bell till I put objects in it. I also swear it isnít as effective as it used to be....same batch Vitex from Cooksons. Any ideas? Could the ceramic liner of my slow cooker have become denatured or something?

    Just a appears to me that the pickle is getting hotter than it used to. This slow cooker doesnít have an alterable thermostat so I usually heat it for 20 mins before using it to pickle for up to 30 mins. If itís limiter has gone AWOL then that would account for the temp appearing hotter. (Havenít got a suitable thermometer to test it with) If you think the heat might be the culprit what would you recommend me to replace the pot with. Cooksons a a wee bit expensive......

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