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Thread: Mixing/melting yellow and white gold (18ct)

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    Default Mixing/melting yellow and white gold (18ct)

    Hi everyone. Just a quick one!

    I have a customer who has a 18ct yellow gold ring which is sentimental and wants to use it in a new ring. However she prefers white gold. I know I could just rhodium plate over, but know this will need more upkeep than white gold which is rhodium plated.

    If I had for example 3 grams of her 18ct yellow gold ring, would I have to add in a considerable amount of white gold to even out the colour? Has anyone done this before?

    Thanks in advance to any help!


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    Well you could add silver to reduce it to 9ct white gold with only a slight yellow cast.
    Personally I'm not a fan of the rhodium colour, and as you say it will need re-doing when it becomes unsightly from wear.

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