So, the Unpleasantness has left me with a little extra time on my hands and I purchased a couple of online tutorials from a maker who's out in Kuala Lumpur. Very informative and clear they are too. One of them was how to create a textured bezel setting as in all of my scouring the Net for free info I've never seen anything that was like this and I don't think I'd have come up with anything like this by myself.

It meant finally getting my hammer handpiece out, something I've been putting off for some reason - possibly because it's just a cheapo one (as is my pendant motor - I know the wisdom is to buy the best you can afford but I couldn't justify the cost of a known brand + the hammer handpiece. 60 for both is more like it, although I did buy a couple of proper anvils as the one that was sent was just cheap plated copper and was going to be useless). It's not like I make every day so this will do for now!

So here's my attempt; 1mm bezel wire on a square wire shank - I did try adding a bit of light reticulation to the square wire but it wasn't quite enough to be honest, never mind - with a faceted marquise moss kyanite stone that has a beautiful sparkle down in its depths, set and textured with a slightly modified hammer handpiece anvil and with a couple of 1.5mm CZs in the band for good measure. I've got some dust like 1mm CZs that I may add in later this week.

This was also the first time making a marquise shaped setting - I know it looks a wee bit wonky but in my defense the stone was a wee bit wonky so it is an exact fit!

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Thanks for looking!