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Thread: Microscope in budget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alastairduncan View Post
    The optivisor will still be useful to you even if you have a microscope. For simple settings you may get away with the optivisor but for the smaller stones you will need a greater magnification than you will get with the optivisor. You will need to go the Chinese route these may suit the bill to start off with:

    it comes with a couple of barlow lenses.

    This one is cheaper but you will need a 0.5 barlow lens which will give you a greater working distance. 155-165mm

    You may have to modify the stand(turn it around and screw it to the bench) a little but it should do a great job.

    You can add an articulating arm later when you can afford it.

    You will also need to factor in delivery, customs etc.

    The model I've recently purchased is this one:

    This is a video review.

    It comes with a load of stuff which is not essential to the working of the microscope. You can also buy the items individually and build up the microscope to suit.
    Hi Alistair, I am looking at microscopes and I wondered if you are still happy with your Eakins ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    Hi Alistair, I am looking at microscopes and I wondered if you are still happy with your Eakins ?
    Hi Karen,

    Yes I am happy with the Eakins Microscope although I don't have any experience with other scopes so can't do a comparison. It enables me to do more detailed work that I would not be able to do without it. I used to be able to cope with much more detailed work but my eyes are getting old and are not so responsive as they used to be. I use the scope for hobby projects so its not in use every day and I do not rely on it to earn a living. It has a good working distance with the 0.5 barlow lens approx 150mm where the zoom range is 3.5x to 22.5x I've not found it necessary for anything greater than 22.5x. You may find that more expensive scopes have a greater field of view and a greater depth of field(useful for objects that are curved) Sam Alfano recommends the Leica A60 with the GRS Acrobat stand as it has better depth of field than most scopes but at 2500 its well out of my price range. I've found that the simul focal trinocular is not great. The camera is fine but the prism that is used to view the object is not easily adjustable. I think a better way for video capture of work would be how Beresart does it, with an eakins camera and a digital microscope lens next to his scope( I don't know what scope he uses but I remember seeing his camera but I can't find the clip) and its very effective. You may not be interested in videos in which case you should be able to find scopes in the eakins store on Aliexpress without. You should bear in mind that if you order from China that there may be some customs duty to pay, having said that I didn't pay any extra and it was delivered by DHL.

    A clip of Beresart:
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    Hi Alistair, thanks very much for taking the time for such a helpful reply, I really appreciate it. I am very nervous about ordering anything on Aliexpress so hearing about your experience really helps. I live in France and recently the post have got very tight on customs duty and VAT but I saw that you could pay more and get it from EU so no customs worries (it's the handling fee that makes me mad).

    I too have been finding it harder to focus on detailed work and I am hoping that a microscope could help (also can't afford the leica/GRS one unless Father Christmas goes completely mad :-)

    Thanks again
    PS also thanks for the Beresart clip - Amazing ring ! and video


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