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Thread: Soldering latest tools replacing microweld

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    Default Soldering latest tools replacing microweld

    Hi all. My 30 year old Microweld A Super is coming to the end of its life and I am wondering what people use for soldering these days when making rings etc. Used to run a full workshop and shop doing lots of repairs but past 4 years just making and selling my own designs online.

    Just a bit reluctant in these strange times to spend 2000.00+ on a new Microweld that will not be used like the old one was.

    Thank you Richard

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    Hi Richard,

    I'm not sure where you are based, but why don't you get your microweld serviced? They don't cost that much to service, I am told and its much cheaper than replacing. I know a chap who services them in the Q, just pm me for his number. Having said all that, I believe most of the members here use either a Smiths Little Torch or a Sievert for their soldering.

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