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Thread: Polymorph, and hot melt glue

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    Default Polymorph, and hot melt glue

    I've just taken delivery of a cheap hot melt glue gun, it came with 50 glue sticks(around 500gms) and cost just under a tenner. I've bought it to make a marble run for my grand daughter out of cardboard when we see her after the lockdown is lifted.

    The glue sticks are very similar to the polymorph I've started to use for holding my copper and brass practice pieces for engraving. The polymorph is great much cleaner than the pitch I've been using . I've also used the hot melt glue for a quick test piece so see if that can be used in the same way as the polymorph. Initial results are very favourable, It holds very well and comes off easily with a slight warm up. I've not used it to hold anything for setting yet but will give it a try when I have something to set. It's quite a lot cheaper than the polymorph. It is a bit more flexible so I'm thinking it may be suitable for holding some smaller pieces for chasing/repousse.

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    Many members will be interested in your results, Alastair. Anything to keep the smell of burning pitch out out the house. You probably know this, but there is also Coolmorph which is easier to release. Dennis.


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