Hi everyone,

I haven't been around in a long time as life just became too busy but looking forward to diving back in again!! Shortly before lockdown began I had started taking a refresher jewellery-making course. I wasn't able to finish it unfortunately due to the start of lockdown but I continued forward with the pendant I had started. I almost feel like I'm learning from scratch again and sorting out my jewellery materials has taken some time, but with all the time at home I think I've finally got it sorted! This is the project I'd started in the course, a seaglass pendant. I was looking forward to learning better skills at creating bezels for uneven stones, but alas we never got that far! I was so unhappy with my first stone setting that I took apart the pendant and re-bezelled (is that a word?). It's still not perfect but nearer. (I purchased the chain ready-made, it's many strands of very thin textured silver.)

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