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    Default Issue soldering

    Hi all

    I've just set up my workshop and am starting by making rings and pendants, mainly with seaglass. I've made a couple of rings with thick silver wire which has worked fine and have managed to solder the ends together. I've just made a silver bangle with square wire and I'm really struggling to solder it; I've tried about 10 times, to no avail (I've tried filing the ends down further to ensure that they meet perfectly etc.) Only once has the solder actually melted and it turned into a ball. I've also cleaned it down as it's been in the pickle pot, a couple of times. Does anyone have any tips or advice please? (Pics attached)

    Thanks v much

    Little Bird Jewellery

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    You may need more heat depending on the size of the bangle more metal requires a bigger torch.

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    Yes josef has given you the answer.
    If you are using a mini torch, then the silver will remain too cool for the solder to flow, so it simply forms a ball. Dennis.


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