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Thread: Tube-setting multiple stones

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    Hi Dennis,

    That's great advice, thank you so much. I think I'll invest in a bigger torch once Cooksons are open again, any recommendations?

    The piece I redid this afternoon is much cleaner... but soldering is still my nemesis! I think because at college we'd just 'turn it on and go', I'm lacking basic knowledge of how the process actually works, especially when trying to learn at home with more basic kit.

    I was only a few sessions into my course when college closed.

    Thank you

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    Yes it is sad that your course was cut short, but it has at least started you off.
    Depending on your home circumstances, you could go for an EZ Torch from Betts metals, which requires a gas cylinder:
    The advantage is that it has an adjustable air hole, allowing for a bushy flame.
    Otherwise you could consider a larger refillable torch, such as the Max Torch from Cookson and others on-line. Dennis.


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