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    Hi all good day to you.

    I have recently acquired a Little Torch from my late uncles tools, but no instruction booklet/information as to where I can obtain the regulator and gas bottles.
    I would be most obliged if any member would point me in the direction of a supplier for the required component parts

    Best regards Jon

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    You will find the manual here

    as for supplies some one local would have better knowledge than myself

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    Tuffnell glass have always been very helpful with my smiths torch parts obviously try cooksons first but Im not sure if they supply the parts ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    where I can obtain the regulator and gas bottles.
    I have a 5 litre oxygen cylinder from here:

    There is no rental on the cylinder but there is a deposit 40 if I remember correctly. If you exchange the cylinder within a year you get the 40 but it deminishes to 0 over 3 years(I think). I'm unlikely to get this back as I don't use much. Some on the list use an oxygen concentrator, I've no experience of these.

    I also purchased a regulator from gas-uk. I have a calor gas propane cylinder.

    Don't forget the flashback arrestors and take a look at the health and safety of oxygen at the BOC website especially the bits about petrochemical grease and PTFE tape.
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