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Thread: Gentle question....

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    We have been on lockdown in Portugal since the beginning of March and in fact I already locked down from the 20th Feb as many other Portuguese did as we could see what was happening in other places.
    Thankfully I work from home anyway and have a lot of land with horses so other than my son not being able to go to the gym and no evenings out not much has changed for us.
    Business slowed down a little but is still ticking over and I have been lucky that I had quite a bit of stock and my caster is still operating.
    I feel extremely fortunate and am very sad to see what many are having to struggle through.

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    Good to hear from you Sarah. Not much has changed for me either other than OH being here from end of March and likely to be here until the end of Aug when colleges start up again but who knows. Very strange times and loving the quiet. We are so lucky to live in the country and have a garden. I can’t imagine what it would be like in a flat in the city for months

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    Good to hear from you Sara. Glad you are all well out there. Dennis.


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