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Thread: Waffle Maker replacement

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    Default Waffle Maker replacement

    Absolutely nothing even related to jewellery, my partner has been infected with Belgian Waffle disease (apparently it is rife in Canada)
    anyway purchased a Cuisinart 4 slice unit, used it once, the second time it just turned into a smoke machine and that was it. Getting to the point took it back to the retailer, not a problem when we get some stock
    we will replace it ( this was Friday ) today (Monday) I received a knock on the door TNT delivery From the Cuisinart agent, brand new unit. The motto is there are still some reputable companies out there.

    ( By the way Belgian Waffle disease is quite contagious )

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    Yes, once I get to smell a waffle, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

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    Unfortunately for me, the archetypal Belgian waffle is the Gaufre de Liege. A very different beast to those rectangular things. A bit more difficult to make, too (yeast based, need to use pearl sugar and it makes a mess of most waffle makers - more of a dough than a batter).

    My interesting customer service event of the week was from Fitbit (or is that Google, nee Fitbit?). My tracker started behaving unusually, so I ran through the usual trouble-shooting tips to no avail; contacted their support who asked if I'd followed the full reset procedure - yes - oh, we'll send you a replacement. No "oh, we have to inspect the unit first", nor "it's not covered for damage" or any other caveats, just immediate replacement. Which makes me very suspicious, unfortunately - I think there's a systemic defect in the units they're fully aware of, hence the complete capitulation (I had more trouble getting a replacement strap last year!). Contacted them Friday and I've had shipping confirmation this morning.


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