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Thread: Finding the mid point on Round or half round wire

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    Default Finding the mid point on Round or half round wire

    Apologies if not the right place to post but I have what I hope is a really stupid novice question.

    Iíve been practising my flush setting and want to put a flush setting into a half round (or D) wire. Problem is that I canít find a reliable way of marking the mid line or half way point around the ring on the top of the D. With flat wire itís easily done with callipers but I canít find a reliable way of marking it on rounded wire.

    Any tips/advice.

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    I'm sorry cheal, but you will just have to use callipers, but you will find it easier if you keep the ring on a ring mandrel to do it.

    Incidentally you will have noticed that to cover the sides of the stone well enough with rounded wire, it will have to be set a little more deeply. This becomes a problem if the stone is more than a third of the total width. Dennis.

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    Can also be done with dividers, some this easier than Calipers, mark from both sides alternately if you are out this will give two lines close together enabling you to sight the center
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