Hello, I am very new to jewellery making so please excuse the silly questions!

I have been cutting nameplate necklaces from sterling silver but I'm not completely sure on the best way to finish my pieces off.

After I cut out my nameplate I'm left with a sort of flat looking pendant with squared edges. I want them to have sort of curved/soft edges after the polishing stage. I bought the Mini Variable Speed Polishing Motor from Cooksongold, I've also bought a handheld Dremel tool but I'm just not exactly sure on the type of mop wheels I should be using with my polishing motor. There are so many types and I don't know how rough it needs to be to get the curved soft edges like I explained. Again, my pendants are made from sterling silver.

Sorry if this is a really obvious question its just from reading up online there are so many different options and I thought it might be best to ask on here.