I would be very grateful for some help please.

We (the Mrs and I) are trying to solder a pronged setting using silver solder and copper wire. It is a test piece as we are new to this.

The problem is that we can solder 2-3 prongs on with no problems, however upon soldering the 4th prong on all the solder on the previous prongs melt as the entire piece gets heated. The prongs then get disorientated and the hole thing is useless.

The Mrs then swears and shouts at me.

I would be grateful for any advise from anyone. We are using the cooksongold torch, Item No: 999 955.

As the piece is very small I cant see any way to "spot solder".

I thought about a soldering iron but learnt it does not get hot enough to melt silver.

Please help!