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Thread: Help with soldering or brazing sheet brass

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    Question Help with soldering or brazing sheet brass

    I've only had experience soldering small pieces of brass together using a Big Shot GT8000 torch and easy silver solder and Dandix paste flux. Now I've designed a box to be (hopefully) constructed of 18 gauge brass, with the largest piece being 3 x 4 inches.

    I've been trying over and over to solder the pieces together using a blow torch with MAPP-propane combination fuel. I think the pieces should be hot enough for the solder to flow, but it beads up and won't flow.

    There's information online telling about brazing brass sheet with brazing rods and flux, and I wonder if anyone knows if this would be a better approach. If so, can someone advise what products might enable me to join the brass sheet? Is these any particular solder and flux that might be better to use? Cost is an issue, so I'm hoping I can be frugal.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
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