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Thread: smelting report went lower than 18ct. need help please...

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    Default smelting report went lower than 18ct. need help please...

    I was about to make a cuff with 18ct gold with a lot of scraps. I have asked to scrap dealers to test before the smelting. They confirmed they are mix of lower 18ct and higher 18ct.
    Then I sent it to Assay office for Smelting service. and the result came out as 747.8 instead of 750.

    I am seeking a replying to help below questions.

    1. To get 18ct,
    I presume I can melt this gold again with some pure gold. right?

    By melting gold 3 times (smelting by Assay office, melting it with extra pure gold and lost wax casting), will the cuff soft and it might be a break? Will it affect the quality of the gold?

    I presume the cuff has to be stronger than rings with a lot of movement.

    2. If I go-ahead to add more pure gold, Can anyone please tell me how much pure gold I should add here?

    3. Do you guys recommend to add a bit of pure gold when I work with a lot of known scraps to be safe for the future for the testing result?

    Many many thanks to read this.

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