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Thread: Wax Carving Sizing Help!

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    Red face Wax Carving Sizing Help!

    Hello all,

    New here and excited.

    i was wondering if anyone knew the correct sizing method for working with ferris wax to carve out rings and then have them lost wax cast?

    Do you size just right, size up or size down? and what is the science behind it? I'll be casting mainly in silver for now, and would look to work in gold at some point.

    And for a bonus, any favourite casters in London?

    Thank you,


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    This comes up from time to time. If you browse this thread, you will get your main answer:

    A recommended caster in London is: However if they are using a compensating investment, you should confer with them before changing the size.

    A good way to size wax for rings is to get a wax reamer, but check it against your ring sizer/ ring stick with callipers, so that all your equipment is on the same page. Dennis

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