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    Browsing the on line magazines last night, I was quite upset by this article in Bench Peg, but felt it worth drawing your attention to it. Please check your gas line for leaks from time to time and be wary when fitting a new component.

    Sorry to be so gloomy, but you can always shoot the messenger. Dennis.

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    it is good to hear some thing like that once in a while , not the injury side of course "a wake up call" it is easy to become complacent, I was using my Oxy/Acetylene welding gear in the shed only yesterday, it would be at least 20 years old and as I was recoiling the hoses I noticed they are all cracked, only the outer sheath, but I think it is telling me it is time for some new hoses
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    I haven’t looked at the link but if it’s the same guy who told his story on the Soc of British Jewellers on FB then I’ve seen the photos of his hands and know it involved air ambulance et al . A horrifying tale a few months on from the event too


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